IronMQ Laravel Queue Driver

This package provides a IronMQ (~2.0 SDK) driver for the Laravel queue system and matches the driver that was found in Laravel 5.1.

Note: This package is not yet ready for 5.4


Add Collective\IronQueue\IronQueueServiceProvider to your app.php configuration file.

Configure your iron queue driver in your config/queue.php the same as it would have been configured for Laravel 5.1.

Sample Configuration:

'iron' => [
    'driver'  => 'iron',
    'host'    => 'mq-aws-us-east-1.iron.io',
    'token'   => 'your-token',
    'project' => 'your-project-id',
    'queue'   => 'your-queue-name',
    'encrypt' => true,

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