Hello World,

This is a brief letter to all of those who have used Laravel Collective packages for the past few years. Laravel Collective was created as a group to support components of the Laravel Framework which were removed and no longer supported by the core team. Though this served many developers well, it has in our opinion run its course in its current form.

We’re now looking at what will serve the community best. We are currently starting development of a whole new website, with some exciting features we hope will inspire the Laravel community worldwide. We will post updates regarding that via Twitter @LaraCollective. As for the packages themselves, we have had to make some tough decisions. But we’ve looked our rough download numbers and they just don’t lie.

  • HTML: ~16000 Daily Downloads
  • Remote: ~900 Daily Downloads
  • Annotations: ~115 Daily Downloads
  • Bus: ~85 Daily Downloads
  • Iron-queue: ~2 Daily Downloads

We will begin the process of no longer following the Laravel version conventions. Given the state of the code changes over time we believe that we can better support these projects by making them more Laravel version agnostic. This will help the community best regarding support and long term usage.

Luckily the PHP community has had a great example of how to support a variety of packages via The PHP League. So we will be modelling our future support system off them. What does this mean? We will have a single representative for each package who is responsible to ensure it works with the latest versions of Laravel and will be the main developer maintaining that package. If you wish to work on it actively with them you will need to contact them directly.

  • HTML: Matt Lantz
  • Remote: Tom Shafer

As for Annotations, Bus and Iron-queue, we will be shutting down their support moving forward. If you’re an active user of any of these and wish to see them maintained please contact Matt. Otherwise we will be marking them as no longer maintained.

We will continue posting updates and contributing to the Laravel community moving forward and we hope that you’ll understand these decisions. Thank you.

Matt Lantz

P.S. If you're looking for documentation please consult the markdown files on Github for the time being.