About The Collective

The Laravel Collective is a community organization designed to maintain components that have been removed from the Laravel Framework core. We love Laravel, and all of its features. However, as Taylor Otwell continues to grow the framework, changes must be made. Since Laravel has such a large community surrounding it, it goes without saying that components that are removed from the core framework will be missed by several developers. That's where we come in.

We believe that maintaining these components will help support Laravel's future. By keeping every part of Laravel alive for its entire lifespan, we can help keep developers loyal to the framework.

The Laravel Collective website is not meant to be a marketing website. It's meant to be a documentation website, similar to Laravel.com. You can keep coming back to this website for the latest up-to-date documentation (refreshed every 5 minutes), as well as new packages to be maintained by the Laravel Collective.

Lastly, we want to emphasize the "community" in our title: "community organization". This project seeks to relieve Taylor of having to maintain these components that he no longer considers core-worthy. We love Pull Requests. We love Issues. We love feedback! If you run into any issues, or have an idea of a way that we can make any of these components better, please don't hesitate to share on GitHub. We look forward to continuing the Laravel Legacy here, at the Laravel Collective.

The Collective Team

Adam Engebretson


Tom Shafer


Robin Malfait

Repository Manager

Matt Lantz